Friday, October 23, 2009

Topic: City Services

So what do you think about Plattsburgh's services - police, fire, public works, schools, etc. Do you think you're getting your money's worth as a taxpayer? Kudos and criticism welcome. Click on the Comments link.


  1. I think that DPW does an outstanding job, considering their lack of sufficient manpower. That said why can't the city require residents to use biodegadable brown bags for leaves. This would absolutly be more efficient then two men standing at the back of the truck opening bag after bag. Also all those plastic bags would not go into the land fill. Albany and Burlington require this, why cant we? We are always behind in the times. Maybe this is something that should be looked into. It would save the city time and money, and free up a man or two. Also it is are moral obligation, to be as green as we can.

  2. The public works guys are hard workers, outside everyday in rain,sun,snow any kind of weather.Everyone needs to give them a break. There always there when you need them to push you out of the snow or to help you get out of your driveway.So slow down when your driving watch for them you can't miss them in their green clothes, I don't want to come home all banged up, thanks.

  3. I would like to see a consistent effort by the city departments to clean up the property violations that give our city a run-down appearance. It seems that there is a lack of pride and efficiency as I drive and walk around the city streets and see the many violations that go un-noticed. When will the city care about how we look and what we present to the visitor? I just laugh when I hear mention of our "beautiful" downtown and how it sounds like this outstanding place to visit and shop......when will we get "real" and work to change the deteriorating atmosphere down there? There is always hope!